In the era of large chain drugstores, the relationship between pharmacist and patient isn’t what it used to be. Unlike at the mom-and-pop pharmacies of yesteryear -- with their soda fountains and personal attention -- today’s pharmacists, can be seen by many patients as little more than dispensers of medication. But what if things could be different? If pharmacists and patients could communicate regularly, in mutually convenient ways, and in with unprecedented levels of security and accessibility? This is the power of pharmacy telemedicine.

At CareClix, we offer tools that make it possible for pharmacists and patients to engage and collaborate, no matter where in the world they may be. Read on for ways CareClix can expand the services your pharmacy can offer, while simultaneously improving patient care.

Face-to-face, remote interactions - Give patients the personal attention they deserve by video chatting with them one-on-one about their medications, and their goals for care.

Collaborate with medical teams - Work in collaboration with your patients’ medical teams, from anywhere in the world, to coordinate care and appropriate pharmaceutical treatments.

Remote patient monitoring - With more than a hundred commonly-used medical devices already configured to our system, and with our own suite of equipment, patients can transmit health information directly to a physicians, so they can request medication changes from a pharmacy in real time.

Electronic Medication Dispensers - This technology can remind patients to take medications, help them easily understand which medications to consume when, and keep their physicians and pharmacists informed of what medication is taken or when it is missed.

Online communication platforms - Via our website and app, CareClix makes exchanging information with patients and colleagues easy and secure.

Electronic Health Records - Keep track of your patient's’ history, and empower them to do the same, with CareClix’s electronic health records system.

At CareClix, we bring the power of technology to our customers, so pharmacists and medical practitioners like you can focus on what’s most important: providing excellent care.

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About the Author:

Dr. Korangy is the Cofounder of CareClix, a Pioneer in the field of Telemedicine, and a widely respected doctor with more than a decade of experience working as a physician. Dr. Korangy specializes in radiology, and understands firsthand many challenges facing doctors and patients in today’s evolving economic and political environments. Dr. Korangy is committed to improving service delivery to patients throughout the United States, and to supporting the medical community in expanding what is possible for care. He received his medical degree from George Washington University and received medical training at Georgetown University.