The rise in demand for cosmetic dermatology, increasing rates of skin cancer, developments in laser treatments, and even a growing number of people seeking to get tattoos removed, dermatologists across the country are watching their patients rolls swell. Because of this, the pressure on dermatologists been so high. However, recent advances in imaging and data sharing, make Dermatology uniquely well-suited to telemedicine technology.

CareClix can help make running your dermatology practice more manageable, while simultaneously allowing you to deliver your patients better care.

Patients have concerns about skin, hair, or nail conditions. With CareClix, they take picture of affected areas on their mobile phone, securely forward you the images, and consult with you over video conference -- all at times that work for both of you. They don’t have to make the trek to your office -- saving patients time, and meeting a need for people who are bedridden, in remote areas, or just plain busy. Meanwhile, the efficiencies inherent in telemedicine translate into advantages for your practice, too: you’ll be able to attract new patients, better manage existing patients, and expand the number of patients you work with in a given amount of time -- meaning more revenue for you, and an increased capacity to provide care.

Below are a few of the capabilities CareClix can offer your dermatology practice, so that you can spend less time on administration, and more time on what matters most: providing the very best in medical care for the people who trust you with their

Online communication platforms - Through video conferencing, our secure website, and our mobile app, CareClix allows you to communicate with patients from anywhere at any time, no matter when in the world they (or you) may be. With face-to-face online visits, you’ll be able to get a first-hand look at patients’ moles, pimples, and scars.

Secure, high-definition image transfers - Because you’re diagnosing skin conditions, you want to get a very good look at your patient's’ skin. CareClix makes this easy. Because we provide a platform to securely transfer high-quality images, dermatologists can analyze their patients’ skin closely, without ever having to see them in person.

Electronic prescription services - Does the eczema you just diagnosed require more than commonly available drug store lotions? Use CareClix’s electronic prescription system to quickly get patients the drugs they need.

Self-scheduling services - Cut back on administrative complications with CareClix’s electronic scheduling system. It empowers patients to make and cancel appointments easily, reducing the number of no-shows you have to deal with and lessening the scheduling workload for you and your office staff.

Insurance, claims verification and tracking, and automated reimbursement workflow - Don’t get bogged down with insurance paperwork; let CareClix automate it for you. After all, you have more important things to do, like providing top-notch care to people who’ve put their lives (or at the very least, their skin) in your hands.

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About the Author:

Dr. Korangy is the Cofounder of CareClix, a Pioneer in the field of Telemedicine, and a widely respected doctor with more than a decade of experience working as a physician. Dr. Korangy specializes in radiology, and understands firsthand many challenges facing doctors and patients in today’s evolving economic and political environments. Dr. Korangy is committed to improving service delivery to patients throughout the United States, and to supporting the medical community in expanding what is possible for care. He received his medical degree from George Washington University and received medical training at Georgetown University.