Cruise ships, resorts, and hotels are limited in what medical services they can offer, a reality that often discourages would-be customers with chronic or likely medical problems from traveling. And while cruise companies usually have at least some medical staff on board, a medical emergency still means changing the itinerary to pull into port or seek an airlift.

With CareClix, travelers on sea and land no longer have to worry about the physical proximity of their primary care physician or specialist to enjoy a safe and healthy vacation. Through the power of telemedicine, CareClix can deliver quality, specialized, secure medical care to your passengers and guests. This enables you to expand your customer base by serving people with chronic medical conditions, elderly traveling companions, or children -- people who might otherwise be reluctant to venture far from their trusted, nearby doctor’s office. CareClix can also potentially reduce the number of nurses, physicians, and other medical assistants you keep on staff by connecting your customers with qualified, off-site medical professionals whenever the need arises.

Consider the following solutions CareClix provides to ocean liners, resorts, hotels, and companies providing temporary housing to customers far from home:

Online medical suites - CareClix systems are already compatible with more than one hundred commonly available medical devices. Use the equipment you already have on your ship, or facility, to assess patient's’ blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs; an offsite doctor will be able to analyze the results and respond in real time.

Online communication platforms - Through our website, our app, and our videoconferencing technologies, patients and doctors can have face-to-face interactions. No matter how remote your location, if you have satellite or internet service, your customers (and crew and staff) can use CareClix to access medical care whenever they need it.

Emergency and specialized medical services - No specialists on board? No problem. With CareClix technology, medical teams or patients on your boat or in your facility can confer with physicians of various specialties from right where they are.

Electronic prescription services - When a customer leaves her pills at home, or a child forgets to pack his asthma inhaler, CareClix can help. By conferring with a doctor via our secure system, customers can readily obtain new prescriptions, which they can fill at an on-site or nearby pharmacy.

Secure, high-definition image transfers - No matter how high-quality the image -- even if it’s an from x-ray or an ultrasound -- CareClix is able to securely deliver it to a specialist (or your doctor back home) for analysis, making it possible for cruise-goers and hotel guests to receive attention for injuries or other medical complications requiring visual inspection.

Does CareClix sound like a solution that would work in your cruise ship, resort, or hotel? Learn more about what we can offer you and your customers, via the links below:

About the Author:

Dr. Korangy is the Cofounder of CareClix, a Pioneer in the field of Telemedicine, and a widely respected doctor with more than a decade of experience working as a physician. Dr. Korangy specializes in radiology, and understands firsthand many challenges facing doctors and patients in today’s evolving economic and political environments. Dr. Korangy is committed to improving service delivery to patients throughout the United States, and to supporting the medical community in expanding what is possible for care. He received his medical degree from George Washington University and received medical training at Georgetown University.