From September 28 -30, telemedicine researchers, vendors, and enthusiasts will descend upon New Orleans for the American Telemedicine Association’s (ATA) Fall Forum. Titled, “The Dynamic Future of Telehealth,” this year’s Fall Forum covers essential topics for all types of telemedicine stakeholders. From organizations pursuing accreditation to health systems finding the right entry point into telemedicine, the Fall Forum will cover a broad spectrum of ideas central to the state of telemedicine now and in the near-future. Come by the CareClix booth (#312) to see how our vision aligns with movements in the industry.

We view the conference as a chance to see how other organizations and stakeholders are interpreting industry trends, and as an opportunity to share our philosophy on how telemedicine can improve the lives of both providers and patients. The CareClix staff hope to meet you and talk about the elements of our platform that define and separate us from other vendors, as referenced by Healthline. We also hope to learn from our potential customers and peers. This abbreviated guide discusses what we hope to obtain from the courses offered at the ATA Fall Forum. Please say hello if you see us, and give us a chance to demonstrate how our platform can help solve many of your planning or implementation frustrations surrounding telemedicine.

Courses that we are most excited about:

1. Friday: 11:30AM - 12:15PM - Scaling Up for Telemedicine
This course provides an overview of the necessary steps to scale your telemedicine program across an entire health system or throughout a hospital. Although the course seems designed for groups that have already implemented some form of a telemedicine solution, we believe this course will benefit organizations who have not gone beyond the planning and strategy stage. It is prudent to keep the bigger picture in mind even if you are just piloting telemedicine. CareClix takes pride in having built a platform that we can customize to fit any health system, provider group, payer organization, or even a school system, and we hope to learn about new approaches to telemedicine adoption with which we can work.

2. Wednesday: 2:00PM - 5:00PM - Successfully Accrediting Your Online Virtual Telemedicine Program
Accreditation is important in standardizing how telemedicine vendors approach care delivery. As co-authors of ATA’s guidelines, we feel that accreditation is an important piece of ensuring that vendors have validated policies and procedures for delivering virtual care. As regulations continue to evolve across the country, it is important to build and implement solutions that are flexible.

3. Thursday: 10:45AM - 11:45AM - Taking Advantage of Medicare's Volume to Value Payment Reform for Telemedicine
As is the case across the healthcare industry, you cannot sustain change, whether in delivery, operations, payment, etc., without aligning incentives across different stakeholders. In the world of telemedicine, providers want to make sure they will get paid for their work, payers want to achieve cost savings, and health systems want to see a positive ROI. Value payment reform will impact the telemedicine industry like other areas of healthcare. This course should prove to give a great overview of that impact.

I look forward to speaking with you at the conference. If you don’t see me, please keep an eye out for the CareClix booth and our staff. Feel free to send us your thoughts after the conference – let us know what went well and which areas you would like to learn more about.

Thanks to Jeremy Gottlich for his support in writing this blog post.